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Running Blockmaker

Download and run install file.

Blockmaker for Windows

Blockmaker for 64 bit Windows

Blockmaker for Mac

Blockmaker for Mac with Oracle VM

Click to create new set of blocks with big pictures.

Got a photo as a file on your computer? Drag it and drop onto a side of the cube.

Got a picture in your browser, like on a Facebook or Instagram page? Drag it in, or choose Copy on the right-click popup menu in the browser on picture elements, and then paste into Blockmaker with control+v , shift+insert, or command+v.

If the picture is rectangular and you would to like to keep most of it, try setting structure size to 3 blocks wide by 2 blocks high, or 4 by 2 for HD pictures.

Or, open your picture in a graphical editor like Paint, select any area and Copy, then Paste into Blockmaker.

Drag and drop between sides to copy picture onto other sides.

First picture in a new block goes to all sides, to make create basic blocks easier.

Builder blocks are automatically created on pictures bigger than 1 by 1 to construct the billboard with one click in Minecraft.

To send your blocks to friends as a regular Forge plugin, click Send to friends to open folder with "mod" files, including the blockmaker.jar

Send blockmaker.jar as an email attachment, or via Skype etc, the will see your blocks after putting that file into their "mod" folder.

Click and drag on the preview to turn the cube around.

Press Enter or double-click to edit name, billboard's width and height in blocks, block side picture resolution. Enter or click elsewhere to confirm.

Cycle through the pictures with and or clicking on a tab, delete with , save with

Rectangular block sets, eg. 2 by 3, will be previewed with white space on the cube, but this is on the cubical preview only, it will be fine as a rectangular structure in Minecraft.

Change default resolution of new blocks in


Install Minecraft if needed.

To enable Forge, start Minecraft, click Edit profile, choose in User version: release 1.7.10-Forge10.13....

Click Play, Singleplayer, Create new world, Game mode creative, Create new world.

Press E to open inventory. Scroll down to see the blocks. Drag blocks into 'hands' slots. Esc to close inventory.

Right click to put out the block. Keys 1-9 to choose another block.

Right click on 'builder' block to automatically build a structure.

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